01. Your grandmother has a lot of [affection] for you, and will be upset if you don't visit her while you are in town.
02. Our cat is very [affectionate], and will sit on your lap and purr for hours.
03. The old man kissed his wife [affectionately] before leaving the house for his daily walk.
04. My mother wasn't very [affectionate] with us kids when I was young, so I'm not used to hugging and stuff.
05. My wife and I have developed a lot of [affection] for our neighbors' children, and often have them over to visit.
06. Kristen has been the object of Martin's [affections] since they were together in elementary school.
07. The mother looked [affectionately] at her son as he sat drawing pictures at the table.
08. Pindar once noted that every gift, though it be small, is in reality great if given with [affection].
09. Our dog is very [affectionate], and will sit at our feet for hours.
10. The word "gazelle" comes from the Arabic word for [affectionate], and it is believed to be inspired by the creature's large, gentle eyes.
11. In Japan, women give chocolate to men to show their [affection].
12. He is very [affectionate] in public, and it totally embarrasses his girlfriend, who is quite shy.
13. The old woman kissed her husband [affectionately] and stroked his hair as he lay dying in the hospital bed.
14. A Chinese proverb notes that a dog shows [affection] even to a poor family.
15. Like human babies, infant chimpanzees need [affectionate] physical contact for healthy development.
16. The Dalai Lama once said that at work, if you have a warm heart, human [affection], your mind will be calmer and more peaceful.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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